Welcome to Pension Manín. It´s situated near one of the most interesting and beautiful locations of Slovakia- Manínska and Kostolecká canyons.It´s an oasis of peace, built away from disturbing impacts of civilization. Its location offers you possibilities of beautiful trips to nearby locations of Veľký and Malý Manín with views to atractive rock scenery of Manínska and Kostolecká canyons, or trips to nearby locations such as Súľovské rocks, Strážovské tops or Javorníky.

It doesn´t matter if you visit it at spring, summer, autumn or winter. It will always offer you a pleasant place for rest after summer trip, walk through flowery meadow in spring such as manycoloured autumn or after skiing trip. This area offers exhaustless possibilities like trips on a mountain bicycle and rockclimbing on more than 350 tested climbing paths from areas of Great and Small Manín or another near locations. Enter to our website at this moment and persuade yourself that your choice, come to have a rest at our place will be the best.