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Pension Manín is situated not far from an atractive area of Manín and Kostolecká gorge. It´s localized secluded of civilization and offers inexhaustible abbilities of active and pasive rest for those, who prefer a quiet of loneliness in the nature. It´s an ideal resort for a hitchhiking, cyclotourism or winter trips on skis. It offers an opportunity for short trips to nearby locations Súľov rocks, Strážov mountains and Javorníky. Ideal possibilities offers for mountain cyclers, who can return to us again and again and every time find new tracks of all dificulties. Even if you have a mood for a quality skiing there is a plenty of possibilities in 30 km area.

A separate chapter is a rock climbing in area of the Great Manín, Small Manín, Kostolecká gorge and Bosmany. This localities are popular between many top climbers, who reached a plenty of achievements excess the line of Slovakia. We can give you an advice in all activities which you choose or we ´ll arrange an assistence of an experienced guide. In nearby Považská Bystrica you can test your climbing skills on the one of biggest climbing walls in Slovakia in spaces of partnership mountain climbing club Manín. However you decide to spend your time, you will always be looking forward to return to the oasis of tranquility, good supper, warm sauna or pleasant relax in massage bathtub.