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Object of our pension will take you except for pleasant stay, by a touch of history connected to this place. Pension Manín was built by a reconstruction of original elementary school building. The school was built in 1927 by close villages Kostolec and Záskalie together. In this beautiful, but in 1927 undeveloped areas it was for local people often the first contact with basic education. Teachers alocated to this school often from the farest parts of Czechoslovakia became an authority for citizens in education and development for another 70 years. The object, which would probably ruin, was in the last minute costly reconstructed and you can judge the result by your arrival and accomodation. During the reconstruction we didn´t forget about original purpose of this incredible building, so we arranged mainly the interier of restaurant and also we remained a memory for one of many teachers, who worked here- Peter Jilemnický.